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About My Business

What is ALM Services All About?

ALM Services is all about flexibility, customizations and a finished quality product. Financial business needs are a specialty but I cater to all necessary...

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Core Values

  • Honesty & Accountability
  • Innovate & Create
  • Sustain & Maintain
  • Responsiveness & Recognition

Why Choose ALM Services?

Practical advice and tailor-made solutions will take your business to the next level. Highly skilled, results-driven, intelligent and experienced personnel...

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Price List

Business Consulting
Hourly & Flat Rates Available

Contact directly for pricing details regarding specific services desired.

Hourly Rates range between from $10 - $50 per hour. 

Flat Rates range between $15 - $400 per day.

All rates depend on services provided.

Professional Face Phase I

Custom In-House Non Registered symbol/logo design

50 Business Cards

Basic Flyer

Professional Face Phase II

Custom In-House Non Registered symbol/logo design

100 Business Cards

Basic Flyer

Basic Website (External Domain & Hosting - Maintenance plans are negotiable for an hourly rate)

1 Social Media Platform...

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Notary Services - COMING SOON!!!
Mobile Notary Trip Charge

Within 10 Miles

Stamp Services

Per document pricing

Prices are semi-negotiable


Send a Message

Please tell us as much as possible regarding your request for services or assistance.

All inquiries are handled with high priority and answered in the order received.

Please allow for a response within twenty four hours.  

Most inquiries are responded to within an hour when request is received within normal business hours.

All correspondence is documented. Communications will be sent appropriate personnel.

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Areas Covered

USA, Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex